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Primary Years Programme

Tarolla Vicky (Principal International School Palermo)
Vicky Tarolla
ISP Principal

Miss Vicky is originally from Milan with both Italian and British citizenship. She holds a BA in Childhood and Youth Education, a diploma in School Management and a Masters in Education. Miss Vicky has ample experience with the IB both as a student and as an educator; she holds an IB Diploma and has worked in the International School of Milan. She moved to Palermo in 2009, to teach at the International School Palermo in the Early Years section. Since then she has obtained many IB certificates, taught in the Primary School and has become the PYP Coordinator. In 2018 she has led the Primary Years Programme through the Evaluation Visit, together with all the PYP staff. She is ISP’s Vice Director and is very enthusiast and positive on the growth and stabilization of the school.

Wagland Emma (Grade 4)
Emma Wagland
PYP Coordinator

My name is Emma Wagland and I am from Australia. I am the PYP coordinator for the primary and early years here in ISP. I have a bachelor’s degree in education from Southern Cross University in Australia, specialising in primary education. I was born in Australia and have lived and worked in both Australia and London before moving to Sicily. I have been living in Sicily for over 9 years and I love it. I have been working as a fully qualified PYP teacher at ISP for 9 years. I have a range of qualifications obtained from the IB and I currently teach Grade 6. I love what I do. I have a great passion for teaching and learning and I am inspired daily by my team. I value the community that we have built at ISP and I am constantly looking at ways to make improvements. I love to cook and have manage to build some excellent Sicilian cooking skills. I enjoy travelling the world and frequently return to visit my family in Australia. I have 2 children who attend the school, and I would not have them in other school as I truly believe that the IB philosophy combined with Ignatian philosophy is the way forward for the younger generation of today. I am proud to be part of this special school as we work together in unison to create a unique experience right here in Sicily. We do an excellent job here in ISP.

I am a fully qualified primary teacher through the University of Sunderland and have a lot of experience in international education. I have taught in the PYP for several years and am particularly enthused when teaching mathematics. I have taught in a few countries in upper primary, and have developed my expertise in inquiry based multicultural education. Sports are my passion, especially football, and I like to spend my free time on two wheels, cycling around islands and countries.

Cossentino Mara (Transition Teacher Assistant)
Cossentino Mara

Miss Mara was born and raised in Switzerland and speaks Italian, French and English. She has been living in Palermo for several years. She has vast experience with small children and her positive energy stimulates the children in every daily activity.

D'Arpa Marie Maddalena (Pre-kindergarten Teacher Assistant)
D’Arpa Marie

Miss Marie is originally from New York, she has moved to Palermo several years ago and has been working as a teaching assistant in ISP for many years. Her love and care for children is unique. She is very welcoming and has a warm smile that help children make their first experience in our school and exceptional and safe one.

Miss Diana is a fully qualified teacher and has taught using both the IB and national curriculum. She has taught students with special needs and has experience implementing Individual Education Plans. In addition, Miss Diana attended an IB curriculum high school, and thus is well versed in the ideology and the IB way of learning and teaching. Miss Diana è un’insegnante qualificata e ha insegnato usando sia l’IB curriculum sia il curriculum nazionale. Ha insegnato agli studenti con bisogni educativi speciali e ha esperienza nell’implementazione di Piani di Istruzione Individuale. Inoltre, Miss Diana ha frequentato un liceo curricolare IB, e quindi è molto esperta nell’ideologia e nel modo di apprendimento e insegnamento IB.

Evans Anna Beata Bergendorff (Grade 2)
Evans Anna Beata Bergendorff
(grade 2)

I was born and raised in London before moving to Malmö, Sweden for five years. I attended the University of Birmingham where I first graduated with a Law degree before realising my passion lay in teaching. I hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Primary Education from the University of Birmingham and am IB trained. I have taught both the Brtish national curriculum and the International Baccalaureate. In my free time I love reading, going out to eat and travelling.
Fidanza Anna Maria (Grade 2 Teacher Assistant)
Fidanza Annamaria

I was born and raised in New Jersey, USA and try to go back whenever I can! My family and I moved to Sicily when I was 19 and I’ve been here ever since! I have experience working with young children across Italy as well as in Germany. During my free time, I love to cook, travel and spend time with my sons.

Gambino Daniela Rosalia (Italian Grade 3,4,5)
Gambino Rosalia
(Grade 4, 5 and 6 Italian)

Mi chiamo Daniela Rosalia Gambino, sono nata a Palermo il 15 Maggio del 1971. Mi sono diplomata a Palermo presso l’istituto Magistrale “Regina Margherita” ed in seguito ho conseguito le  abilitazioni all’insegnamento per la scuola primaria e dell’infanzia. Ho realizzato i miei due sogni che avevo da bambina: fare la mamma e la maestra e cerco  di fare entrambe le cose con passione, responsabilità ed al meglio delle mie capacità. Prima di diventare moglie e mamma, oltre ad insegnare presso la scuola primaria “Ada Negri”, sono stata volontaria del Centro Padre Nostro, il centro fondato da Padre Pino Puglisi. In quel periodo, durante i laboratori pomeridiani e le colonie estive,  ho vissuto bellissime esperienze con i bambini svantaggiati del quartiere Brancaccio. Dal 2000 ad oggi sono fiera di far parte del corpo docente del Gonzaga. Adoro il mio lavoro che mi ha sempre dato ottime soddisfazioni e, durante alcuni periodi un po’ difficili della mia vita, è stato il motore che mi ha incoraggiata ad andare avanti!!

Gojani Amela
(Grade 1)

I was born and raised in Albania, where I studied at an international school for 12 years. I speak English, Italian, and Turkish in addition to Albanian. I have a BA in English and American Studies, an MA in English Language Teaching, and I am a CELTA-certified teacher. My teaching experience dates back to 2018, when I first started teaching English to kids and adults. I moved to Palermo in 2022, where I spent nine months teaching English before getting the chance to work at Gonzaga. I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree at Unipa in International Relations.

Guadagna Elysia Marie (Transition)
Guadagna Elysia

Elysia was born and raised in Los Angeles California. She started working at ISP as a grade 1 Teaching Assistant. During her time in ISP she has had experience of working with different age ranges, as she has supported children in Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten and Transition and she has attended to a IB Workshop.This year, she is very excited to take on the role of Kindergarten teacher. She is deeply passionate about the IB programme, as she believes it provides an excellent and well rounded education for all children.

Ibarra Maria Victoria (Kindergarten)

I am originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a qualified teacher with 13 years of experience in different schools teaching mostly the IB curriculum. Throughout all these years I have taught in different grades from pre-k to grade 4. In 2018 I moved to Poland to volunteer in different schools teaching English and Spanish and after that I moved to Palermo to work at ISP.

Jacklin Emily
(EAL and substitute teacher)

I am a fully-qualified teacher from Derbyshire, England. I obtained my PGCE certificate in Primary Education from the University of Derby with a specialisation in Science. Prior to this, I completed a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Phonetics from the University of Leeds. I have over four years of experience of EAL teaching, after completing my CELTA certificate in 2019, working with the likes of International House Palermo, Virgilio Marrone, Instituto Comprensivo Carducci and now Gonzaga ISP. In my free time, I can be found making desserts or hiking in the Madonie mountains.

Konings Bernardus Johannes
(Physical education)

My name is Bart Konings. Born in 1993 in Haarlem (Netherlands), a wonderful city close to Amsterdam. After finishing my Bachelor in Physical Education in 2017, I taught P.E for 5 years at a Dalton Primary School in Amsterdam. This previous experience enables me to integrate my vision for Physical Education in the lessons I teach. Personally, the highest attainable achievement, would be if my students look back on their P.E. classes in a positive manner. I hope they will have had fun and felt included, empowered and competent at the end of it. I find it important that students get to practice and improve in a large variety of sports and activities. It is my understanding, and ambition, that through this teaching methodology they will carry with them a positive attitude towards movements and exercise throughout their lives. Having fun when moving and learning how the body moves, starts the moment you are born. As such, I am happy and excited to work for a school where I get to teach from Pre-K until the end of middle-school.
Milia Alessia Rita (Teacher)
Milia Alessia
(Special Educational Needs)

Mi chiamo Alessia Milia, sono nata a Palermo. Ho effettuato il mio percorso di studi in Psicologia presso l’Università di Palermo. Dopo la laurea magistrale ho conseguito un Master sui Disturbi Specifici dell’Apprendimento. Nel settembre 2022 ho ottenuto l’abilitazione alla professione di psicologo. Durante il mio percorso accademico ho effettuato un periodo di studi a Lisbona, in Portogallo. Una delle mie passioni è viaggiare, parlo inglese, spagnolo, portoghese e francese. Ho avuto la possibilità di offrire il mio aiuto come volontaria del Servizio Civile Universale presso l’ISP, nell’anno accademico 2021/2022.
Sono entusiasta di far parte del team dell’ISP e di fornire il mio contributo nella crescita e nel supporto dei nostri alunni.

Morana Manuela (Italian)
Morana Manuela
(Italian pre-school)

Mi chiamo Manuela Morana e sono laureata in storia dell’arte al DAMS di Palermo. Dopo la laurea ho conseguito un Master presso la facoltà di “Medicina e Chirurgia” in “Arti espressive e tecniche espressivo corporee”, che mi ha fornito gli strumenti necessari per insegnare l’arte nelle sue varie forme e declinazioni, spendendomi soprattutto nell’interazione con bambini affetti da particolari problematiche psicologiche. Ho lavorato con terapeuti e insegnanti presso scuole e associazioni, allestendo laboratori di arte e musico-terapia. Ho coodiretto gruppi di teatro creativo per adulti e bambini. Da tre anni insegno “Arte e immagine” all’ISP ai bambini della pre-school.

Mulhair Ciara (Grade 3)
Mulhair Ciara
(Grade 3)

My name is Ciara Mulhair and I am from Ireland. I trained to be a teacher at St. Mary’s University in London and went on to teach in Dublin and Rome. I love the Italian lifestyle and have moved my family to Palermo to raise my children close to their Sicilian family.  I love water sports and spending time with my two young sons.  I am passionate about teaching children and  guiding them  to be life long learners. I am honored to be a part of the ISP community. 
O'Hara Clare (Kindergarten Teacher Assistant)
O'Hara Clare
(Grade 2 and 3)

Miss Clare is originally from Ireland, moved to Palermo three years ago and has been working as an ISP teaching assistant ever since. Her passion for creativity and for children manifests itself in and out of the classroom. She is very welcoming and her smile makes children feel safe and happy at school.
Piazza Dorotea (Italian Grade 1,2)
Piazza Dora
(Grade 1, 2 and 3 Italian)

Dorotea (Dora) Piazza è felice di far parte del corpo docenti ISP da 7 anni. Ama l’insegnamento e adora trascorrere le giornate in compagnia dei suoi alunni. Tutti i suoi studi sono stati orientati al fine di diventare insegnante nella scuola dell’infanzia e primaria. Dopo aver conseguito l’abilitazione all’insegnamento, ha iniziato il suo servizio come insegnante prevalente nella scuola primaria presso il CEI dove ha potuto conoscere ed operare secondo il paradigma pedagogico ignaziano. Successivamente è approdata all’ISP come insegnante della lingua italiana, dapprima nella scuola dell’infanzia e primaria, ora esclusivamente nelle classi della scuola primaria. All’ISP ha potuto ampliare la sua esperienza professionale e formarsi come insegnante IB attraverso dei corsi sulla pedagogia e sulla didattica PYP.

Pieroni Rosanna (Grade 1)
Pieroni Rosanna

Rosanna was born and raised in London speaking both English and Italian. She always had a passion for languages and after graduating with a first class honours in Combined Languages she moved to Palermo in 2007. She started working at ISP in 2009 as Kindergarten assistant and then moved to Transition as an assistant. In 2015 she took on the role of Kindergarten teacher and this year has started teaching Transition. She is IB trained and believes that all children can progress and grow in a stimulating and encouraging environment. Rosanna enjoys the family and community feel at ISP and in her free time enjoys running and going to the theatre.

Sarah is from Melbourne, Australia, where she graduated as a primary school teacher. She first fell in love with Sicily in 2011 when she spent an extended period of time here and has been learning Italian in anticipation of her return ever since. She has vast experience having been teaching children with diverse needs for ten years, including several years in London. Sarah loves travelling because she values learning from the stories and cultures of different people. She believes the core work of a teacher is not only about teaching academic skills but that it is equally important to empower children to see themselves as learners in partnership with others and their communities. Sarah loves to read, care for the environment, eat good food, keep fit, and spend time with friends and family.

Raimondo Giulia (Italian As An Additional Language)
Raimondo Giulia
(Italian ab initio)

Miss Giulia ha conseguito il diploma di maturità classica al “Liceo Classico Giuseppe Garibaldi” a Palermo. Dopo il liceo ha frequentato l’Università degli Studi di Palermo, dove si è laureata in Lingue e Letterature moderne dell’occidente e dell’oriente, in particolare in lingua e letteratura italiana, inglese, spagnola e francese, con votazione di 110/110 cum laude. Durante l’università Miss Giulia ha vissuto per diversi periodi all’estero, nel 2008 a Siviglia, dove ha frequentato l’università e nel 2010 a Londra, lavorando presso un’azienda di interpreti e traduttori. Dopo la laurea ha lavorato come insegnante in varie scuole; da settembre 2103 a luglio 2015 ha insegnato al Liceo linguistico “Gonzaga”; da settembre 2015 ha insegnato all’ISP in quanto professoressa di italiano e di francese nelle classi grade 6 e grade 7. Inoltre, da settembre 2016 ha insegnato italiano nelle classi Kindergarten e Transition.

Reithermann Molly (Pre-kindergarten)
Reithermann Molly

Miss Molly is originally from London and has moved to Palermo several years ago. She has had several different jobs, all based on her creative and imaginative skills, spacing from costumier, to stylist, to director of films. She started working at our school as a teaching assistant in 2016 and her expertise in creativity and organization skills have given her the push to become classroom teacher. She is IB trained and has lots of experience with children. Her pre-kindergarten class is colorful and full of energy.

Scandurra Sarah (Music)
Scandurra Sarah
(Music teacher)

I’am Sarah Scandurra, a classical guitarist, music teacher and a qualified CELTA teacher with over 6 years of experience. I hold a Master of Music Degree from the “Istituto superiore di studi musicali O. Vecchi – A. Tonelli" of Modena where I studied with Andrea Dieci and Giulio Tampalini. As classical guitarist I gained first prize in the Fiuggi Guitar Festival competition and the first prize in the Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto National Musical Competition in 2010. I have worked as a guitar and music teacher in several schools in Milan, Modena and Crema where I had delivered music lessons to students from kindergarten to high school.