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Diploma Programme

Tarolla Vicky (Principal International School Palermo)
Vicky Tarolla
ISP Principal

Vantaggiato Lorenzo (Philosophy)
Lorenzo Emmanuele Vantaggiato
DP Coordinator

Oriani Ambrosini Mirta (Business Management, Economics, French)
Ambrosini Mirta Oriani
(Business Management)

Ms Oriani Ambrosini recently relocated from the UK to join ISP in Palermo, she started the Teaching of Business Management and Theory of Knowledge for the Diploma Programe early November 2021. She is a a multifaceted professional, with a background in the Media industry covering managerial positions. She travelled and worked extensively in Europe and matured a sound knowledge on managing profit companies. Her business approach to work then swifted to a more humanistic outlook. Strongly believing in the effectiveness of lifelong learning she studied as a Life Coach and made research on how to motivate students in their learning. She then outlined a new approach on Academic Coaching and published a book on the topic. She gained Teaching experience in both Italy and in the UK and worked as an online Tutor and Mentor for UK mainstream schools during lockdown. Her Academic background lists a French Baccalaureate degree obtained in Rome, a BA (Hons) 2:1 in Business Management (University La Sapienza of Rome), a Master in Linguistics Mediation 2:1 (University of Genoa) and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (Bath Spa University, UK). Passionate by the study of Language, she is fluent in four languages, bilingual with French and Italian, she works as a translator for the UK National Health Service.
Caruso Francesco

Born and raised in Palermo, I earned a law degree with honors in 2001 from the University of Palermo and a MBA in Industrial Law, Trademarks, and Patents in 2003 from the G. Tagliacarne Institute in Rome. In the same year, I moved to the USA, where I received a MA in Italian Studies from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and a PhD in Italian from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. My academic interests primarily revolve around Italian and Neo-Latin Humanism and the Renaissance, and I am a specialist in Angelo Poliziano, on whom I have published numerous scholarly works. I am a translator in both English and Italian and also engage in editorial activities. Since 2017, I have been a permanent collaborator with the Giorgio and Isa de Chirico Foundation, where I handle translations and currently serve as the General Co-Editor of their bilingual journal, Metafisica/Metaphysical  rt. My interests mainly encompass books, cinema, and art history. Since 2018, I have been teaching Italian at the International School of the Gonzaga Campus, specifically in the Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme.

Collins Gary (Individuals And Societies M2)
Collins Gary
(TOK and Extended essay)

I am from Belfast in Northern Ireland. I gained a degree in Modern History from the Queen’s University Belfast and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from the University of Strathclyde. I have 20 years experience of teaching History and the Theory of Knowledge  in schools in both London and Milan. I am a keen runner and I am also interested in following the world of football and rugby.

Geloso Andrea Giovanni
Geloso Andrea Giovanni

Mi chiamo Andrea Giovanni Geloso, sono nato a Palermo nel 1997. Dopo aver concluso nel 2015 il liceo scientifico presso il Galileo Galilei di Palermo mi sono iscritto al corso triennale di Ingegneria Gestionale all’Università degli Studi di Palermo portandolo a termine nel 2018. Ho completato il percorso di formazione conseguendo nel 2020 la laurea magistrale in Inglese presso il Politecnico di Milano con specializzazione in Digital Business and Market Innovation e ottenendo l’abilitazione per esercitare la professione di Ingegnere sezione A. Ho inoltre conseguito un Master di I livello per l’insegnamento delle materie Scientifiche negli Istituti Secondari di II grado: Matematica e Fisica. Durante il mio periodo di formazione ho avuto la fortuna di partecipare a diverse occasioni di mobilità all’estero come in Inghilterra o Spagna e in ambienti internazionalizzati. Da settembre 2022 mi sono stati affidati degli incarichi al Gonzaga come docente di Matematica e Fisica presso il liceo Scientifico, Sportivo, STEM e ISP.

Griffith Daniel (English A And B)
Griffiths Daniel
(English A Language and literature HL and SL - and English B)

I’m Daniel Griffiths. I have been teaching English language and literature for many years, both in the UK and in international schools abroad. In my free time I enjoy music, art and sport.

Sono appena ritornata dalla Cina dove ho insegnato arte a studenti di età fino ai 18 anni. I miei studi universitari e le mie qualifiche di insegnamento sono in teatro e geografia, sebbene abbia anche esperienze di insegnamento in inglese, scienze umane e arte nel liceo. Il mio obiettivo principale è aiutare ad aumentare la comprensione del mondo e delle comunità intorno a noi e di riunirle in attività creative.

Nizza Robert (Physics)
Nizza Robert

I was raised in New York City and lived in California for many years.  Part of my family is from Sciacca.  While studying physics in high school, I became hooked!  I earned a Master’s Degree in physics worked as a physicist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado.  I worked on the magnetic properties of high-temperature superconductors.  After careers in science, business, and writing, I returned back to teaching science.  My goal is that students will get sparked by the beauty and magic of science.

Pecoraro Stefania (Italian Ab initio)
Pecoraro Stefania
( Italian ab initio)

I’m Stefania Pecoraro, I graduated in Art with two years of pedagogical studies. I have worked in theatre and in television for several years. In England I worked in a Montessori school where I was the coordinator of special needs that inquired me to
learn sign language (BSL). I worked at ISM for nine years as a teacher in different grades. I love art, theater and cinema. I’m a positive person who is always open to new challenges.

Robba Lavinia (Biology-Chemistry)
Robba Lavinia
(Biology, Chemistry)

Lavinia was born in Palermo where she raised speaking Italian and English. Her passion for Sciences brought her to graduate with honours in Biological Sciences and to a PhD with a combined project between Palermo University and the Natural History Museum in London U.K., where she developed a number of skills and techniques in sciences. She also started teaching to undergraduates and master course students and was involved in UK teachers’ development courses. She then settled in London working for several years as a researcher at the Natural History Museum. Lavinia moved back to Palermo in December 2010. In 2015 she worked for a few months as a Math and Science Teacher at ISP. In 2016 she acquired her IELTS language qualification certificate.

Rolland Mark

I have taught IB Mathematics and Physics for ten years in bilingual schools in Paris and London after studying Physics at Imperial College London then a PGCE in Physics and Mathematics at the Institute of Education. My approach is to have a classroom where learning is enthusiastic, fun and driven by curiosity. I try to grow students’ ability in problem-solving and abstract thinking by allowing freedom to investigate the core principles that mathematics is based on. Outside of teaching, I enjoy learning myself and have been working hard at the piano and bouldering!

Romeo Maria Veronica (Italian A And B)
Romeo Maria Veronica
(Italian A Language and literature HL and SL and Italian B)

Sono Veronica Romeo, dopo aver concluso la scuola di specializzazione in didattica dell’italiano, ho insegnato lingua e cultura italiana prevalentemente all’estero. Recentemente ho lavorato presso il Dipartimento di Linguistica e Letteratura italiana di Saigon e presso la University of Languages and International Studies di Hanoi e la Hanoi Foreign Language Specialized School. Rientrata in Italia da poco, ho insegnato lingua italiana e cultura italiana alla Scuola Germanica di Roma.
Amo la lettura, le lingue straniere, la fotografia e il cinema.
Seeno Richard Bruce (University Counselling)
Seeno Richard
(University counseling and academic writing)

Born and raised in California, Mr. Seeno’s educational background is in language, literature, and translation studies. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from New York University, where he spent two of his four years studying at the university’s satellite campus in Florence, Italy. He then obtained his master’s degree from St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford, specializing in Italian and Arabic. Some of Mr. Seeno’s academic interests range from multilingual literature to mystery fiction. Mr. Seeno has also spent a considerable amount of time in the Arab world, having studied in Morocco, Tunisia, and the United Arab Emirates. Mr. Seeno has spent several years as a language tutor and translator. He has taught both Italian and Arabic to English speakers. As a translator, he has collaborated on projects with various organizations such as Associazione Autismo Firenze and institutions such as the Università di Firenze.

Vantaggiato Lorenzo (Philosophy)
Vantaggiato Lorenzo Emmanuele
(Philosophy, Economics)

Italian-born but bred in a number of places, Mr Lorenzo has taught at a few international schools, in Milan and abroad, before joining ISP in 2018. His association with the IB dates back to 1988, when he graduated from United World College of the Adriatic (an IB World School). An economist by formation, Mr Lorenzo holds a BA in Industrial and Labour Economics from Bocconi University and a Master’s in Sustainable International Development from Brandeis University (which he attended on a Fulbright scholarship). He collaborates regularly with Oxford Study Courses, teaching English in the pre-IB summer course in Oxford. Since 2006, Mr Lorenzo has served as an IB English B examiner (Paper Two, Paper One, Extended Essay and Internal Assessment), as well as a workshop leader since 2009 with both IBEN (International Baccalaureate Educators’ Network) and various other providers. A trained singer, in 2009 he was briefly seen on the Italian edition of X-Factor. In 2017, he also appeared on a famous quiz show on Italian television. In 2020, he is very happy to start acting school, as well as the newly authorized Diploma Programme as a coordinator.