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International School Palermo

ISP is officially a “foreign school” operating in Italy that develops and promotes an international study programme. English is the main language in view of the final exam; Italian remains an integral part of the programme as it is the main language spoken by our students (every mother tongue is important for an international education ).

Mission Statement

“A school where children from an early age will have an active role in the learning process and whose aims are towards the development of intellectual, personal and social skills of today’s students in order to become men and women of tomorrow. A school which educates the child to live in a multiethnic and multicultural world without frontiers.

International School Palermo focuses on the development of all aspects of the child’s personality (spiritual, physical, emotional, social, cognitive and linguistic), instilling in each a love of learning. Its aim, in line with IB philosophy, is to move students toward becoming principled, caring and open-minded individuals and life-long learners, who will help to create a better and more peaceful world.
International School Palermo is a school that fosters human values and encourages families’ full collaboration in the learning process.
It is a school that adapts to the changing times and to the new educational needs making a fusion between faith and culture according to the Ignatian spirituality and pedagogy.”

The school was founded in 2008 by the “Compagnia di Gesù” within the educational mission of Gonzaga Campus, which has always been dedicated to the international aspects, and it is born from the desire and determination to offer a unique service to the new generations, in the heart of the Mediterranean area, in order to prepare them to be open-minded through an intercultural perspective.


The international course of study completes and integrates the educational offer of the Gonzaga Institute according with the purpose of Jesuit education, which is expressed today as the “development of men and women for others and with others, persons of competence , conscience, compassion and commitment”. It aims at the harmonious growth of the whole person for an academic excellence at the service of a fair society.

The only school accredited by IB programme in the south of Italy, ISP aims to develop and train, through english language as the first language of instruction and an active and engaging pedagogy, citizens of the world, open-minded and sympathetic, ready to face the challenges of a more global and interconnected society.

The International School Palermo is a school with a strong inclusive vocation, open to all nationalities and cultures that find their common home in Palermo. It operates in a multicultural environment, with mother-tongue teachers, pupils from different foreign countries and with international, interdisciplinary and laboratory programmes, where students have an active role in the learning process.

The approach to an engaging and creative study programme, the awareness of different local and global contexts and the multilingualism begins in Pre-school (young pupils aged 2) and terminates with the IB Diploma recognized with very high scores to access to all the most prestigious universities in the world.


ISP welcomes students at different grades:

– Pre-school: from two to four years old;

– Primary school: from five to ten years old;

– Middle school: from eleven to thirteen years old;

– High school (IB international four-year high school) from the age of thirteen (first year) after the final exam that ends the middle school cycle. Between a scientific and linguistic high school, the IBl is centred on disciplinary areas related to English, Italian and Spanish language and literature, human and social sciences, natural sciences, mathematics, information technology and art. According to a study conducted in 2013, 72% of IB graduate students attend one of the top 500 universities in the world.