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Diploma Programme (16-18 Years old)

High School

Our High School (four-year international high school) is divided into two periods:


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A student can be admitted to International ISP High School:

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A good level of english is required to allow students to face with serenity and profit a course of study in which the language of instruction is English. For this purpose, english courses are offered to those students who want to enroll in our school and improve their language skills.

Diploma Programme’s (DP) purposes

DP Programme aims to train students who are able to acquire ample and deep knowledge, master at least two languages, obtain excellent results in traditional subjects and who, above all, reach a high level of physical, psychological, emotional and ethical maturity. For this reason, many schools of the Compagnia di Gesù in the world adopt this program as its objectives are recognised as foundations of Ignatian pedagogy.

Three innovative elements of the curriculum are assessed in the final exam:

    1. The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course, which focuses on the study of forms of knowledge in various disciplines, aimed at stimulating and consolidating the critical spirit of students.
    2. The Extended Essay, a composition written during the last year, that helps the student to acquire practical skills and abilities for the preparation of an academic / scientific thesis.
    3. The CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) project, which involves the student in an extra-curricular environment, combining different activities, such as musical instrument courses, sports and volunteering.

The Diploma programme offers two academic courses: scientific and humanistic, whose qualifications correspond respectively to the scientific and human sciences high school diploma for the Italian law and in Italy.

The curriculum of each academic course consists of three subjects at “higher” level and three subjects at “standard” level, plus two hours of TOK and three hours of CAS, which are essential and compulsory projects.

In addition to the study of the subjects and courses in the classroom (including TOK), there are moments of research and individual study, “Free Study Period”, also aimed at preparing the Extended Essay.

A qualification recognized all over the world

The IB Diploma programme (DP), addressed to students aged between 16 and 18, has been introduced in many international schools since 1968 and now is universally recognized as a program of excellence that allows the access into all major Italian and world universities.


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